Innsbruck Dining

Innsbruck Restaurants

As the capital of Austrian Tyrol, this Medieval city provides an authentic and interesting dining experience. For a fine-dining restaurant of historic proportions, a meal at Alfred Miller’s Schoneck’s, circa 1899, is in order. The restaurant has earned its keep among the world’s best, and boasts a Michelin star. Diners can choose from two set menus, which intermingles regional fare and international cuisine. While we’re on the topic of historic Innsbruck restaurants, Europa Stuberl, in the Grand Hotel Europa, is an award-winning, Tyrolean-style establishment. The restaurant still features its original architecture design including 200-year-old wood paneling and original antiques.

Those in search of more modern dining experience will find plenty to please in Innsbruck, the 5th Floor in the Penz is one great option, for example. The restaurant features an amazing rooftop patio and plenty of windows for enjoying a gourmet meal with an incredible view of the Jungfrau region and the cityscape.